What is the difference between the Membership plans?

There are 3 types of Membership plans on RemoteHub: 

  • Basic: The Basic  Membership plan is free and activates automatically when a user creates a company profile on the platform. It offers unlimited job posting, access to post and buy services, and a dedicated company account on our platform. The Basic membership is one of the best around!
  • Advanced: The Advanced Membership plan is an upgrade, and offers flexibility and ease of use around our paid features. In addition to the benefits of Basic membership, your account will have 10 promotions a month. We give you the maximum flexibility in choosing which promotion type to use for a specific posting and plenty of possibilities to reach qualified candidates. Learn more about Advanced Membership.
  • Premium: The Premium Membership plan is the highest Membership level for сompanies on RemoteHub. It offers greater flexibility and more options. This plan is designed for companies that do a lot of recruiting on RemoteHub. Learn more about Premium Membership.

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