What are the benefits of upgrading your account?

Our Membership plans can provide various benefits depending on your needs. Here are some general benefits that members get from upgraded plans:

  • Scale and customization. We give you the maximum flexibility in choosing which promotion type to use for a specific posting, and plenty of possibilities to reach qualified candidates. You can find out more about the specific promotions by visiting the promotions page.
  • Save time and effort. Let RemoteHub do more and faster work for you. Using an upgraded plan, you have access to more promotions which when used results in expanded and targeted views by candidates. 
  • Access to exclusive services. Advanced and Premium Membership plans offer exclusive features that are not available with the  Basic Membership. Currently, it includes access to the most significant number of promotions unavailable in the Basic Membership.
  • Flexible payment methods. You can pay for the upgrade or arrange for someone else to pay, using the let someone else pay link provided to you. Your upgrade will automatically activate when payment is received.

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