Switching between accounts

You need to switch to your company account to edit your company page, as well as to perform other actions on RemoteHub on behalf of your company: post jobs or services, see notifications, send messages, etc.

→ See Create a Company Page for additional details about creating a company page.

To switch between your personal profile and company page, click your profile picture in the header and choose the account you want to switch in the dropdown menu. (If you access RemoteHub.com from your mobile device, you can switch between accounts in the drawer menu.)


Please note: there are certain limitations for different types of accounts on RemoteHub. For example, a volunteer project can only be posted from a nonprofit organization account, not from a user account or business company account.

If you try to post something from an account which is not eligible for this action, you will see a redirect notification.


Just click Switch account and continue in this notification and you will be automatically switched to the appropriate account. 

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