What can I do on RemoteHub?

As an employer, you can:

  1. Post jobs or browse available services to find the best professionals from all around the world.
  2. Create a company page and easily switch between personal and company accounts.
  3. Receive applications from the candidates that best match your needs and requirements.
  4. Shortlist applicants by reviewing their profiles and portfolios. You can choose people by their creativity and previous projects, not just resumes.
  5. Use our messenger to discuss details and interview candidates.
  6. Send an offer and start a contract.

You can find professionals in 100+ categories and subcategories, including

  • Web, Mobile & IT
  • Design & Creative
  • Writing & Translation
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Business & Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Customer Support
  • Legal & Finance

As a job seekers, you can:

  1. Publish your portfolio to showcase your experience and creativity, and let the world see who you truly are.
  2. Post a service or browse available jobs.
  3. Expand your professional network, build new connections and opportunities, and boost your career.
  4. Receive job references and recommendations from new connections.
  5. Apply for jobs, receive an offer and start a contract.
  6. Communicate easily with text messaging. Don't miss any important updates while working on a project.
  7. Participate in volunteer projects and share your professional skills to make this world a better place!

And if you represent a nonprofit organization, you can:

  1. Post volunteer projects
  2. Find remote professionals who share your values.
  3. Start with them volunteer assignments on RemoteHub.


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