How to Upgrade Your Membership Plan?

When you create a company account on RemoteHub you will see that the company is on the Basic Membership plan. As mentioned in the article "Which Membership plan is most suitable for you?" there are many benefits under the Basic plan. If you are ready for more, then you can upgrade to either the Advanced or Premium Membership plan. 

  1. There are several points where you can initiate an upgrade:

a. On the company dashboard, you will see the current Membership plan, “Basic”, and under it you can find an option to upgrade. Click the "Upgrade to Premium": 


b. A second option to upgrade is by clicking on the pop-up subheader, “Upgrade” on the dashboard or the company page on RemoteHub. If you want to upgrade your company account later, click "Maybe later." The subheader will update with every new session. Reload the page and the subtitle will appear on your page again:


c. Alternatively, you click on your company logo in the upper right corner of the page when you log-in, a drop-down block with settings will open, and there you can view your current plan and upgrade it. Click "Upgrade to Premium":


d. In the settings, you can find your current Membership plan information and click the "Upgrade to Premium" button:


When you click "Upgrade to Premium”, you will be taken to the Membership plans page where you can see a brief description of the benefits of each plan and the cost for the respective upgrades. 


2. On the Membership plans page, you can view a summary of the benefits included in each plan. You can learn also more details about each plan by clicking on "Learn more" as shown below:

7 (1).png

When you review all the benefits of the "Advanced Membership” or “Premium Membership” plan and are ready to upgrade, click on "Upgrade Now" based on the option that works best for your needs and budget:


You can also add a coupon code to get special discounts on the selected package. If you do not have access to any coupon code, then you can click on "Proceed to Pay" to input your payment details.


3. Fill in payment information and click the button to make a payment:


As an alternative to you making the payment, you can share a link with the person responsible for the payments in your company. This person will be able to pay for the upgrade instead of you:


Congratulations! When you see the screen below depending on which upgrade you activated the plan benefits are now available for your company account. You can return to the dashboard and start using promotions for your job openings. To go to the homepage for your company on RemoteHub, click on the button "Go to Homepage":

11 (1).png

On the homepage for your company on RemoteHub you will see your membership plan status to be updated to the respective plan. You can also check your 10 or 20 promotions depending on the upgrade added for your use. Learn best practices on how to check & activate job promotions here.

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