How to use the promotions in the upgraded plan?

Accessing the benefits of the "Advanced Membership" or “Premium Membership” plan is exciting! The Advanced plan comes with 10  job promotions* and Premium plan comes with 20 job promotions.

When you sign-in, you can click on the "Promote Job" option on any previously listed job. You will get to see the different types of promotions along with the number of promotions available as shown below:


14 (1).png

*Remember: 1 promotion will be deducted for each separate option, 2 promotions will be deducted for the "Booster Pack," and 3 promotions will be deducted for the "Super Booster Pack."


Select the job promotion you want to launch on RemoteHub and click on "Promote":


Confirm your action by clicking on "Confirm":


Your promotion will be active after the review process is completed. You can click on the "Promotion Status" to see the status of the promotion affiliated with the job opening you posted:



If the promotion is not approved within 48 hours, you can send us an email to get more information:

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