Best practices for a service posting

In order to enhance the visibility of your service on RemoteHub and attract more clients, we suggest to follow the best practices outlined below.
1. Add service picture
Services with pictures get more views and orders.
2. Check service description
Describe your service in a compelling way to get noticed.
3. Avoid posting generic services
Being highly specific lets you perform better in client searches.
4. Fill your profile
Add your experience, skills and other relevant information.
5. Upload portfolio projects
Showcase your creativity to win over clients.
6. If you offer several different service options, post them as different services

Instead of posting a generic service with a vague pricing and too many options, split it into 2-3 services. Make each of them as unique as possible, with specific pricing and features.

→ See Offer a service for additional details about posting your services on RemoteHub.


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