What is a portfolio project?

Portfolio project is a dedicated page where you can present your previous work, case studies, or make a presentation about yourself. This is an illustration of your skills and a good opportunity to find new professional connections and clients.

Portfolio is an essential part of an effective digital professional profile page. On RemoteHub you can showcase your talent with as many portfolio projects as you like. You can publish dedicated projects for your different services, and show your experience and creativity.

Does Everyone Need a Portfolio?

Your online portfolio is your business card in the world of digital professionals. For many industries that’s always been a given. Design, advertising and marketing portfolio projects long predate the existence of the internet.

However, a professional portfolio is increasingly important now across all careers and industries. It’s a universal showcase of your skills in action. For employers, it provides a real benchmark of what you’re capable of, and can be far more informative than CVs.

When you post your portfolio projects on RemoteHub, they will be published both on your profile and in a special section Inspiration, so everyone, including your potential clients, will be able to easily find them.


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