What is usability testing?

On RemoteHub, you can test your ideas or existing products by posting a usability test.

Usability testing is aimed at collecting feedback from the actual and potential users of the product: your designs, specific pages or whole websites - anything which has an URL. These tests help to measure how usable and intuitive a website or prototype is, and how easy it is for users to reach their goals.

During the tests, usability testers are asked to complete certain tasks while their voice and screen are being recorded by the RemoteHub Video Recorder, a desktop screen recording program.

While using the recorder, usability testers are sharing their personal feedback about your product and tasks, so you can see and hear what they like or dislike about the product, and where they encounter any problems or experience confusion.

Usability testing on RemoteHub takes just a few simple steps:

1. Creating a test with the detailed task description for testers.
Your usability tests will not be openly published on RemoteHub. They will only be accessible by those whom you sent an invitation for these tests.

→ See Create a usability test for additional information.

2. Testing.

→ This step is performed by usability testers using the RemoteHub Video Recorder.

3. Analyzing the results.

→ See Managing my usability test for additional information.


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