Security measures for job seekers

When dealing with remote hiring there is a need for additional security measures. We would like to share with you our recommendations that will help you to avoid scams targeting job seekers. Please keep you safe and be aware of the following:

  • Be very careful and never send money to apply or start a job
  • Do not send sensitive personal identifiable information and do not deposit a check from a third party before you have started the project.
  • Please be advised: we can not assist you in any dispute related to freelance projects conducted outside RemoteHub. We strongly recommend you to start a contract via RemoteHub in order to secure yourself from unpaid jobs. To start a contract, publish an online service with a fixed price or hourly rate and send it to your client. Learn more about online services on RemoteHub 
  • If you have applied for a full time job, do not start your duties before the official agreement is signed according to the law of your country.

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