Benefits of using our paid promotions for your job opening

RemoteHub is very pleased to offer you additional options to promote your job postings. Our paid promotions help highlight your job posting and increase the likelihood that more qualified candidates will apply.

By clicking the "Promote Job” button, you will be able to choose promotion options that offers you a range of benefits specifically designed to:

  1.  Increase the visibility of your job opening to a wider pool of potential candidates
  2. Target qualified candidates by employing our smart-matching technology
  3. Gain competitive advantage and get more job applications
  4. Boost visibility of your company


What are the different paid promotional options on RemoteHub?

RemoteHub offers 5 paid promotion options. When you click on the button “Promote Job” 5 options appear:

  • Featured Job: Maintain high visibility for a job posting for 7 days rather than letting it slide down the list as new vacancies are posted.
  • Email Promotion: RemoteHub finds the perfect match by scanning the database and automatically inviting via email candidates who meet the job opening requirements. Active for 7 days, this promotional service saves you time and increases the number of potential candidates who apply.
  • Network Promotion: Your job posting is distributed through our affiliate partner network job sites and will be viewed by millions of users. This amplifies the visibility of your posting, saving you time, and allowing you to manage all applications on one platform. Candidates viewing our partner networks will be directed to your RemoteHub account, and your job posting will be active for 7 days,
  • Booster Pack: Get the combined benefits of Email Promotion and Network Promotion at a 20% discounted rate.
  • Super Booster Pack: With our Super Booster package, you get the benefits of all our promotions for 7 days at a 30% discount.


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