Activation and Best Practices for the "Booster Pack"

The Booster Pack allows you to get both Email and Network Promotion at a 20% discount.

Below we provide some explanations on the steps to activate the Booster Pack promotions and get more qualified candidates.


What does the “Booster Pack” enable?

The Booster Pack doubles the chances of scaling the search for candidates and getting a better match. To learn more about the benefits of Email Promotions and Network Promotions please look at related articles. 


How to activate a "Booster Pack"?

You can activate the Booster Pack either when you are first publishing the job opening on RemoteHub, or after you have already published it.

  1. The first step depends on if you have already published the job you wish to promote or if you are going to post and select promotion simultaneously. 

    a. If you have already published the job, find your job posting on your company account:


TIP: Please ensure that the job description is detailed and provides the applicant with enough information to understand what the duties, requirements and work conditions are. Only job openings that meet the appropriate criteria can be promoted. Promotion requests for offers for services and business opportunities will be rejected. 

Click the "Promote Job" button:


       b. If you are planning to publish the job opening with the promotion then please first fill in the job details.

You can see our best practices for a job posting here. On the step before creating a job posting on RemoteHub, you have the opportunity to create it with the promotion by selecting the "Promote Job":


2. On the next page choose "Booster Pack”:


3. Fill out the payment information and click the button to make a payment:


As an alternative to you making the payment, you can share a link with the person responsible for the payments in your company. This person will be able to pay for the promotion instead of you:


4. Great! Your job posting will be promoted after the review process is completed. Now you can check the status of your promotion:


You can check the promotional status of your job posting on the detailed page of your job posting by clicking on the same button 'Promotion Status”:


If the promotion is not approved within 48 hours, you can send us an email to get more information.

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