When can I use a promotion?

You can promote your job posting either i) when you are ready to publish the job opening right after you fill in all necessary details of the job opening,  or ii) later at any time after publication if you want more applications. 

Activating an option will promote your job posting for 7 days according to the chosen promotional method.

If you want to get more information about each promotional method please take a look at the related posts.


How do I know my promotion is active?

Once you select a paid promotion  you will receive a prompt to pay for the promotion selected. After you or someone on your behalf makes the payment the promotion request will go under review. 

After our team has had a chance to review the promotion requested, if there are no concerns they will approve the selected promotion and it becomes active. You can see the status of the promotion by clicking on the “Promotion Status” button on the job page. 

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